8 most expensive university textbooks in the world

According to NBC news, textbook prices have increased by 1,014% since 1978, or three times the rate of inflation. It's no wonder the typical student in the UK spends £439 a year on their reading list and US college students... Continue Reading →

“From flying chairs to server-side rendering…”

It certainly isn’t a well-trodden path. I joined Perlego this month having begun my career six years ago in an inner city school in Bristol. It’s been an unusual jump (with a couple of very significant steps between!) from having... Continue Reading →

The World of Dummies

Algebra / cost accounting / hypotherapy and football are only some of the topics that I wince away from, finding them difficult to wrap my head around no matter how much they are exampled to me. We all enjoy standing... Continue Reading →

20 of the most beautiful Libraries

At Perlego we are all about E-books and accessing content online, making it easier and more affordable for our customers but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate physical books and of course, some of the worlds most amazing libraries that... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Perlego Blog!

We are excited to announce the new Perlego Blog which will focus on our four main P's Product Partnerships People Ponder Perlego is an exciting new start up which offers an innovative Ebook platform on which students and professionals can... Continue Reading →

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